What’s happening to Moving Materials?

Moving Materials has gone digital and lives on in an exciting new format.
As initiators, Material Sense acts as curator and custodian of the new evolving database.

R&D starts with ideas; to be able to do something we first have to imagine it. Designers are therefore an important motor for technological innovation - in close cooperation with scientists and businesses. Material Sense wants to take materials where materials have not gone before!

For the last three years we have travelled Europe, always growing and developing. Our route took us to Essen (D), Eindhoven (NL), Lancaster (GB), Kortrijk (B), Paris (F), Luxemburg (L) and Helsinki (FIN).

We thank EU Interreg’s PROUD (People Researchers Organisations Using Design for co-creative innovation), for providing the framework in which Moving Materials could evolve since 2012.

We hope visitors to our shiny new digital space will continue to share ideas and developments. Keep us on the cutting edge!

Moving Materials is currently showing a selection of materials in 5 categories in which future developments are being seeded:

repair and renewal

smart processing

affinity and wellbeing

strong and lightweight

alternative energy use

We follow discoveries in materials and place them online in cooperation with contributors. We can’t wait to see the results of opening our doors to so many more people.

We will still build physical exhibitions from time to time, now backed-up by Moving Materials digital.